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E-Books by Joanne Wickenburg
All of the following e-books are now available for reading with Nook, Kindle, Palm Doc, EPUB, PDF or On-line reading.

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The Solar Return Chart--Your Year Ahead, by Joanne Wickenburg
The Sun is the great giver of life; without it, nothing would exist on our planet. In fact, without the Sun, our great Mother Earth would have never been born. The Sun is the nucleus of our Solar System; all planets revolve around it and are held in orbit by its incredible power and magnetism. Likewise, in astrology, the Sun represents the very "core" of our lives. It portrays the essence of who we are. It is the glue that holds us together.
The Sun's return can be likened to replacing worn down batteries in a beautifully crafted clock. The clock, no matter how elaborate its design, serves no real purpose without its energy-source. An experienced astrologer will look at not just the Sun, but all of the planets in the signs and houses of the Solar Return chart and make certain conclusions, based on their positions, regarding how the coming year will unfold. However, you don't need to be a seasoned astrologer to glean useful information from the Solar Return chart. You will, on the other hand, need to have a Solar Return chart constructed for you. If you don't own astrological computer software, your Solar Return chart can be ordered from a company that offers such services. You will need to provide your birth date, time of birth, location of birth and note the age for which you would like the Solar Return chart calculated.

Reframing Transits, by Joanne Wickenburg
In order to get the full value from this book, it is recommended that you already have a solid foundation in the basics of astrology-an understanding of natal signs, houses, planets, aspects and the overall structure of the horoscope. Read more about it here.  
There are already many books available on transits. What makes this one different from the others? It was written to show students of astrology how to interpret transits in a more integrated way.

This book does more than simply describe planets moving through the houses of the horoscope forming aspects to natal planets. The author provides new insights into the complexity of a single transit, showing how one specific transit not only affects the expression of the natal planet it is aspecting, and brings about changes within the experiences of the house it is moving through, but she goes on to show how multiple areas of life and other parts of the personality are also be affected by it. She explains the types of change one encounters as a result of a single transit, and then takes it one step further to show how other seemingly-unrelated areas of life will be affected by the outcome of the change. One of the major themes presented throughout the book involves a completely new way of looking at transiting planets. Instead of fearing an upcoming transit that is involved in a harsh aspect, for example, the author encourages you to consider looking at transits from a reframed perspective. The research the astrologer does on forty-three horoscopes of serial killers is based on the actual statistical research done by the author.

Twisted Innocence - A Novel, by Joanne Wickenburg
Available for Nook, Kindle, Palm Doc, PDF or On-Line reading and others.
This is my first novel. Click here for a short review.
Three teenage girls have been found dead, their bodies disposed of in trash cans behind well-kept homes in the northern section of Seattle. The only clues Detective A.J. Pearson and his partner Michelle, AKA Mike Brockman, have are the confusing handwritten notes containing the names of country-western songs that have been left hidden on the bodies of the young victims. It seems the detectives have exhausted every possible lead and still have nothing to show for their efforts--no solid evidence to help them find the killer.
After Mike visits an astrologer at the recommendation of a friend, she tries to convince her partner to approach the woman and ask for her help.There is no way that A.J. is going to agree to work with a “fortuneteller,” who he thinks is nothing more than a con-artist out to prey on the mentally gullible. Finally, to get Mike to stop harping, he reluctantly agrees to meet with Rachel, the woman who will eventually change his way of viewing not only astrology, but his life. After Rachel researches the horoscopes of forty-three serial killers, they are all amazed at what she finds.
Available through Smashwords.com.

The Spiral of Life : Unlocking Your Potential with Astrology by Joanne Wickenburg & Virginia Meyer
"...The insight and wisdom of these two experienced astrologers have been distilled in a way that is uniquely accessible to people at all levels of astrologerical understanding....The Spiral of Life weaves together the details of the birth chart so that readers become both more proficient at interpretation and also more deeply aware of their own personal talents and challenges. In clear, practical language, the authors provide new perspectives on the interlocking meanings of the signs, houses and planets, as well as more advanced astrological concepts.
In particular, they examine the interrelationships of the planets, using such important but often neglected methods as: phase relationships, house rulerships, dispositors, minor aspects, the Arabian Parts.
      The authors show that relationships exist between planets in a chart whether or not they are linked by a specific aspect. And the meaning of every aspect is illuminated by setting it in the context of the successive phases that unfold within any complete cycle.
     While teaching practical methods for synthesizing the birth chart, the authors provide encouragement for using astrology to deepen our self-understanding and develop our potential. They include an Outline for Interpretation that gives step-by-step approach to analyzing and summarizing the details of the birth chart. They also explore new approaches to the Moon's Nodes and Eclipses.".... CRCS Press.
This book is only available as an e-book.

The Digested Astrologer, by Joanne Wickenburg & Virginia Meyer
The material offered in this booik is the digested and clariied wisdom of the greatest contemporary astorlogers of the early 20th Century, researched by two aastrology teachers who needed a complete reference for students. It has been used by teachers throughout the US and abroad as a required classroomn text. Keys to greater insight into human nature can be found in the matrerial on signs and houses. Yods,quintiles and other "minor" aspects are all explained in a form that can be used immediately in chart interpretation..