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Astrology, the Cosmic Pattern

COURSE  III: Preparing for Interpretation
The Curriculum

What you need to get started
Psychological needs as reflected in the Qualities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.
Conflicts of the Qualities.
Temperament as described by the Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
The Qualities and Elements Combined: No two signs share the same Element and Quality. How do they work together?
How to determine the Chart Tone (Signature) and what it signifies.
Self Evaluation: An exercise demonstrating how to apply the lesson's material to personal horoscope interpretation.

Planetary emphasis above and below the horizon; east and west of meridian.
Angular Houses  answer "Who You Are"
Succedent Houses answer "What is Your Value?"
Cadent Houses answer "Can you Adapt?"
Houses of Function: Houses of Life, Substance, Relationships and Endings
Sign Qualities and their Corresponding Houses.
The Elements and their Corresponding  Houses.
Self Test

Chart Patterns: Chart Patterns show where energy is focussed. Includes descriptions of the following patterns: Bundle, Bowl, Bucket, See-Saw, Locomotive, Splash, Splay.
Intercepted Signs: Signs that have no house cusps and how they influence life. (See Joanne's book on the subject.)
Self Test.
Self Evaluation: Applying the information to the interpretation of your natal chart.

Planetary Powers: Planets function more easily in some signs than in others. Planetary Powers include signs of planets' Rulerships, Exaltation, Fall or Detriment.
Retrograde Planets: How retrograde planets are interpreted. Each planet is interpreted from both its direct and retrograde condition. (See Joanne's book on the subject.)
Self Evaluation: Applying the information to the interpretation of your natal chart.

Decanates. Each sign contains 30 degrees of space. Each sign can be further divided into 3-10 degree segments, providing more detail in the interpretation.
Major Aspects. How the angular relationships between planets reveal the degree of ease or challenge experienced when expressing their energies.
Aspect symbols.
Major Aspect Patterns: Grand Trines, Grand Squares, T-Squares.
How to find Aspects in the natal chart.
Aspectarian: How to record the aspects.
Self Test

The Lunation Cycle
Phase Finder
Finding and interpreting the Eight Phases of the Moon.
The Part of Fortune: What it means and how it is found.
The Moon's Nodes. The Lunar Nodes are important points in the chart that should be included in the chart interpretation (see article on Lunar Nodes)
Planetary Pairs: Certain planets operate together as partners. These planetary pairs are evaluated based on their "phase" with each other.
Self Test
Self Evaluation: Applying the information to the interpretation of your chart.

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