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Retrograde Planets in the Solar Return Chart  (taken from a Chapter of "The Solar Return Chart--Your Year Ahead)
The inner planets, Mercury through Mars, function more powerfully when retrograde, and odds are that you will be aware of their retrograde significance if they are found either in the natal chart or in the solar return chart because they strongly impact personal decision-making as well as personal needs. Jupiter through Pluto, because they are more distant from Earth, are retrograde for a good percentage of the time, so it is less likely that their retrograde condition will be as obvious to you in your daily life. For example, Jupiter is retrograde 30% of the time, and Pluto is retrograde 50%....MORE

Astrology and the Seasons:
...It is interesting to view the signs from a "seasonal" perspective to see how we live out or demonstrate the purpose of each season in some special area of our lives. For example, somewhere in your life you are meant to be "spring". When experiencing another area of your life, you live out the message of autumn. Likewise your life symbolizes the meaning of winter and summer, even though you may not "act out" those seasons during these particular months in the year.....MORE

Attitudes, Health and Your Sun Sign: A Mental Health Checkup for each Sign of the Zodiac
How often have you heard someone say, "He galls me," or "Get off my back," or "I wouldn't bend my knee to her," or any number of other cliches that refer to bodily functions or anatomical parts? The subconscious mind is not always able to differentiate between the positive and negative data we feed it nor does it always make distinctions between aphorisms and fact. Perhaps you once said, when referring to someone you didn't like, "She really makes me sick," and then within days you landed in bed with the flu. Thoughts are things.
             Anatomical functions that relate to these age-old cliches are ruled by the signs of the zodiac. There is also a direct relationship between the psychological needs represented by the 12 signs and the physiological functions each represent. When the needs of the signs are suppressed or referred to irreverently, parts of the anatomy or bodily functions they rule often suffer. By examining the needs of the zodiacal signs with the physical conditions they rule you will find some revealing information about why people get sick. MORE

Neptune-Your Nemesis/Your Bliss
Illusive, evasive, mystical, and idealistic, Neptune represents a part of you that can never be defined in concrete terms. It represents all that is, and yet is not. It represents all things unworldly, things having no form, ideas that cannot be substantiated, beliefs that are truth but cannot be proven, the things that you fear but know not why...MORE

The Moon and the Lunar Nodes
...The Nodes point to areas of life (houses) where integration is needed. The North Node describes where growth occurs. It encourages new experiences which, for some, are  not always comfortable or easy, but ultimately bring about growth and illumination. The South Node, on the other hand, represents what comes naturally. It shows what you can fall back on when your load gets too heavy, but it can also point to the "easy way out", discouraging growth and encouraging dependency on old habits...MORE

Serial Killers: Psychopathic Personalities
This particular research project started as a fluke. Having all of my planets on the setting side of my chart, almost everything I get into is a fluke. This particular fluke occurred in 1989.
As far as statistical research was concerned, I was a novice, and even a bit naive as far as the process of statistical research was concerned. This little fluke started when my phone rang; it was a detective with the Homicide Division of the Seattle Police Department. The detective wanted me to “look at something.” He seemed reluctant to state specifically what it was all about, but he finally acknowledged that it concerned a murder that had recently occurred in the Seattle area, which he suspected was the birth of a new serial killer. MORE

The Sun's Transit through your Chart
The Sun is the great giver of life; without it, nothing would exist on our planet. In fact, without the Sun, our great Mother Earth would have never been born. The Sun is the nucleus of our Solar System; all planets revolve around it and are held in orbit by its incredible power and magnetism. Likewise, in astrology, the Sun represents the very "core" of our lives. It portrays the essence of who we are. It is the glue that holds us together. MORE

Are You Compatible with Where You Live?
I've always found it interesting to compare peoples charts with the horoscopes of the cities or states within which they reside. Doing so reveals their overall compatibility with the location, and the level of ease or difficulty in achieving success or happiness while residing there. Astro*Carto*Graphy is another great tool and I encourage everyone to explore it. But synastry, or chart comparison, reveals something altogether different. Included in this article are the incorporation dates (birth dates) of U.S. states and hundreds of incorporation dates of cities throughout the country.....MORE

The Chinese Zodiac
Locate your Chinese Zodiac animal and read about its personality characteristics.

Phase  Finder
Many software programs do not provide a listing of all 8 Lunar Phases. l designed this Phase Finder to help you ascertain your lunar phase as well as phases of all planets to all others. This is a tool, not an article.

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