Joanne Wickenburg, Astrologer

Marc Edmund Jones Award

Press Release submitted by Nicholas Campion

Joanne Wickenburg, Board of Trustees Chairperson of Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences, was presented with the Marc Edmond Jones Award 2000.

The Marc Edmund Jones Award is one of the most prestigious awards in astrology. Dr. Jones created this award to honor innovative excellence of benefit to all astrologers. The winner is selected by a process in which the administrator of the award consults a number of leading astrologers. If they all agree on the same name then the prize is awarded, but this naturally makes it a rare event. In the last ten years the award was presented only twice.
This year was exceptional in that two awards were made. One was to: Joanne Wickenburg, the Chair of the Board of Kepler Trustees: "For her relentless pursuit of everything necessary, from institutional approval to community fundraising, to bring Kepler College from a brilliant idea to an inspiring reality." The other was to Kepler College: "The only college of Astrology in the western hemisphere authorized to issue Bachelor and Master degrees. "

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