Joanne Wickenburg, Astrologer

Learning Links

Dictionary of Astrological Terms: This is a great resource if you come across an astrological term and don't know what it means.
What does the Catholic Encyclopedia say about Astrology? This is an interesting article on the history of astrology and religion.

Zane B. Stein has created a great website on Chiron and the other Centaurs. After reading about Chiron, be sure to scroll down to "Chiron's Friends". This is a great website!

This week's sky at a glance. An interesting astronomy web site showing special celestial phenomena occurring each week and where to look in the sky to find them.

Eclipses. NASA has a great site that shows the pathway of coming eclipses. Scroll down the page and click on the year in question. Great graphics of the eclipse paths and more.

6000 Year Ephemeris. Scroll down to the year you want and click.

Astrology Fonts. A great assortment ABCDEFGHIJKL AND MORE

If your interested in medieval astrology, Robert Zoller is an expert. Visit his website at where you will find several very interesting articles.

Project Hindsight   is translating into English the surviving source texts from the Hellenistic
period, many of which have never been translated into any modern language.

Daylight Savings Time: An interesting site with the history of Daylight SavingsTime, including changes and irregularities in its use worldwide.

Grammar anyone? I am including this link for my own benefit as well as for anyone who wants a quick reference guide on rules of grammar. A well organized and easy to use website for all writers.