Joanne Wickenburg, Astrologer

"The Digested Astrologer" and "The  Spiral of Life" are now available in E-book form.

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 A Journey through the Birth Chart
Joanne Wickenburg

A Journey through the Birth Chart not only explains the basic principles of traditional astrology with unusual clarity, but it also gives the reader the guidance and procedures needed to put the pieces of the birth chart together rather than relying on "cookbook" interpretations. It has a sound, down-to-earth quality that makes it easy and valuable for both beginners and advanced students.

This book is a journey that leads the reader through continual discovery of what the planets, signs, houses and other factors mean in the various combinations found in birth charts. Thus, it is ideal for those in search of the depth of the chart. It encourages creative interpretation of the horoscope, helping the reader to think through the numerous combinations of symbols found in each chart to make it meaningful and special for the individual.

Loaded with unique features, it includes the interplay of planets, signs and houses as they influence the entire chart, weaving together major life themes. The reader gets beyond isolated aspects to see the overall pattern of the birth chart.
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 In Search of a Fulfilling Career
by Joanne Wickenburg

More and more of today's society is looking to astrology for vocational guidance. No longer satisfied with mere existence, people are looking for personal fulfillment in career. Within these pages, Joanne offers an outline based on current interpretations of the needs of the signs, the energies of the planets and the goals of the houses.

The horoscope clearly outlines the talents and capabilities available for vocational application. The chart describes needs in terms of vocational fulfillment and the unique skills that are available for use in career.

You will find a wealth of information in this volume such as an overall picture of the chart with specifics about the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, aspects and phases, transits, solar returns and progressions, all of which affect the career. Other vocational tendencies indicators covered include: stellia, Moon's Nodes, retrograde planets, intercepted signs, the closest aspect in the chart and vacant Houses of Substance. $15.00
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 Your Hidden Powers: Intercepted Signs & Retrograde Planets
by Joanne Wickenburg

This could be one of the most comprehensive books ever written on intercepted signs and retrograde planets, presented in a way never explained before.

Do not take your retrograde planets and intercepted signs/planets for granted. They make the chart unique; they make life complex. They describe powers and potentials waiting to be unleashed.

Joanne describes each planet when retrograde and how all signs and planets function when in intercepted signs. She also shows the reader where to find the "keys" in the chart that help people unlock interceptions and understand their retrogrades. Read the material prefacing each section in order to understand the full significance of these powerful statements in a chart. Transiting retrograde planets are also discussed. Joanne points out the strength of these transits and provides proof that retrograde planets operate more powerfully than when these same planets are direct. $18.00.
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