Joanne Wickenburg, Astrologer
Arizona Counties

What do you think? Comparing your chart to the settlement date shows how well your energies merge with the "soul" of your community. Research the history of your city to see if the date of its settlement is recorded.

The comparison with the city's or county's incorporation/establishment chart describes how you function within its rules, structures and organized boundaries.

Apache County: Apache County was created February 14, 1879 from parts of Yavapai and Maricopa Counties. St. Johns was named the county seat. Originally, the county included the areas which later became Navaho County and portions of Gila and Graham counties.
Cochise County: Cochise County was established on February 1, 1881. The county was formed out of eastern Pima County, and Tombstone was designated as the county seat. The seat was moved to Bisbee in 1929.
Coconino County: Coconino County was established in 1891, created from part of Yavapai county. The county seat has always been in Flagstaff.
Gila County: Gila County was established February 8, 1881 from parts of Maricopa and Pinal counties. In 1889, Gila County enlarged itself by purchasing land from Yavapai County. The county seat has always been at Globe.
Graham County: Graham County was organized March 10, 1881 from parts of Apache and Pima Counties. The first county seat was at Safford, but it was moved in 1883 to Solomonville. It was returned to Safford in 1915.
Greenlee County: Greenlee County was organized March 13, 1909 from the eastern portion of Graham County. The county seat has always been at Clifton.
La Paz County: La Paz County was created January 1, 1983 from the northern half of Yuma County. The county seat is Parker.
Maricopa County: Maricopa County was organized February 14, 1871 from a portion of Yavapai County. Phoenix has always served as the county seat.
Mohave County: Mohave County was one of the four original counties created in Arizona Territory in 1864. Hardyville was the first county seat, followed by Mineral Park until 1887 when it was moved to Kingman which was the fifth and final seat.
Navajo County: Navajo County was organized March 21 from the western portion of Apache County. The county seat was located in Holbrook.
Pima County: Pima County was the last of the four Arizona counties created under the Howell code in 1864. The county seat was located in Tucson. Part of this county were taken to create the counties of Maricopa, Pinal, Cochise, Graham and Santa Cruz.
Pinal County: Pinal County was created February 1, 1875 as the sixth county. It was formed from parts Pima and Maricopa counties. The county seat was located at Florence.
Santa Cruz County: Santa Cruz County was created March 15, 1899 from the southeastern part of Pima County. The county seat was located at Nogales.
Yavapai County: Yavapai County was the first county created by the Territorial Legislature in 1864 under the Howell code. The county seat was located at Prescott.
Yuma County: was created as the third county by the first Territorial Legislature under the Howell code in 1864. The county seat was established at La Paz. An act approved January 26, 1871 changed the county seat to Arizona City which later became the city of Yuma.

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