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New Hampshire Cities

Alton, Belknap Co. Once known as New Durham Gore as part of Strafford Co, the town was granted 16 June
1796. A portion of the town was annexed to Barnstead in 1840 when county lines were redistricted; annexed to Belknap Co.
Barnstead, Belknap Co. Formerly of Strafford Co., town was granted 20 May 1727, annexed to Belknap Co. in 1840.
Barrington, Strafford Co. Granted 10 May 1722. Became known as Strafford, Incorporated. 17 June 1820.
Belmont, Belnap Co. Previously known as Upper Parish, Belmont, cont. Gilmanton Incorporated. 29 June 1859; its name was changed to Belmont when it was inc. 24 Jun 1869.
Brookfield, Carroll Co. Originally a section of Middleton, set off and incorporated 30 Dec 1794.
Center Harbor, Belknap Co. Set off from New Hampton, incorporated. 7 Dec 1797, when it belonged to Strafford Co.
Dover, Strafford Co. Settled in 1623, incorporated. as town of Dover in 1641 and as a city in 1855..
Dunstable: Incorporated April 4, 1746. December 15, 1836 when the name was changed to Nashua
Durham, Strafford Co. Incorporated 15 May 1732
Effingham, Carroll Co. Incorporated. 18 Aug 1778.
Farmington. Incorporated. 1 Dec 1798
Franklin. Incorporated December 24,1828
Freedom, Carroll Co. Originally known as North Effingham when incorporated. 16 Jun 1831; incorporated. as Freedom 6 Dec 1832.
Gilford, Belknap Co. Formerly part of Gilmanton as part of Strafford Co. under the name of Gunstock Parish, it was incorporated. as Gilford 16 Jun 1812.
Gilmanton, Belknap Co. Incorporated 20 May 1727..
Lee, Strafford Co. Incorporated as a town 16 Jan 1767.
Madbury, Strafford Co. parish was made a town 26 May 1768.
Manchester: July 10, 1846
Meredith, Belknap Co. Known first as Palmer's Town, once part of Strafford Co., town was granted 31 Dec 1748, incorporated
30 Dec 1768.
Middleton, Strafford Co. Was granted 27 Apr 1749, incorporated 4 Mar 1778.
Milton, Strafford Co. Incorporated 11 June 1802; by 1858
New Durham, Strafford Co. Granted as Cochecho Township 5 May 1749, and incorporated. by the name of New Durham 7 Dec 1762.
Moultonboro, Carroll Co. Granted 17 Nov 1763, incorporated. 27 Nov 1777
Nashville: In 1843 Nashville was united with Nashua and incorporated on June 28, 1853.
Newfields, Rockingham Co. Name given to South Newmarket, incorporated 27 June 1849
New Hampton, Belknap Co. It was first named "Moultonboro Addition" by grant of 24 Jan 1765; town incorporated 27 Nov 1777.
Newington, Rockingham Co. Originally known as Bloody Point settlement, incorporated. as a parish of old Dover 16 Jul
North Boston: February 18, 1763
Ossipee, Carroll Co. Incorporated as a town 22 Feb 1785.
Rochester, Strafford Co. Incorporated 10 May 1722, it was settled mainly by people of Dover. The western part of it became
Farmington, inc. 1 Dec 1798. Milton was set off and incorporated 11 June 1802.
Rollingsford, Strafford Co. Was set off from Somersworth and incorporated 3 July 1849.
Sanbornton, Belknap Co. Incorporated by this spelling 1 Mar 1779.
Sandwich, Carroll Co. Incorporated at same time of grant, 25 Oct 1763.
Somersworth, Strafford Co. First known as the parish of "Summersworth," it was set off from Dover, incorporated 22 Apr
Strafford, Strafford Co. The western part of Barrington was cut off and incorporated 17 Jun 1820.
Tamworth, Carroll Co. Originally part of Strafford Co., granted 14 Oct 1766. Parts of the town had been annexed
from Sandwich and Ossipee; town lines were settled by 23 Jun 1859.
Tuftonboro, Carroll Co. Once under jurisdiction of Strafford Co. Granted 11 Dec 1750, incorporated 17 Dec 1795
Wakefield, Carroll Co. Under jurisdiction of Strafford Co., it was annexed to Carroll Co. in 1840. Township
was granted 27 Apr 1749. It was incorporated. 30 Aug 1774.
Wilton: June 25, 1762
Wolfeboro, Carroll Co. Town charter was granted 5 Oct 1759.

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